Brainroll is an ice sliding puzzle game where you have to slide your way out of a cave. The ice is very slippery so you have to use the cave walls in order to help you stop sliding.


  • 25 Pre-made levels with more to come
  • 7 Different mechanics that can be combined to create interesting puzzles
    • Walls that stops your movement when you collide with them
    • Coins which you have to collect all of in order to complete the level
    • Teleporters which takes you from once location to another
    • Spikes which kills you if you collide with them
    • Slimes which makes you stick and stops your movement when you collide with them
    • Bombs which you have to defuse before the specified number of rounds
    • Small brainrolls which stick onto you and follow your movement like an extension of yourself
  • Deterministic design
  • In-game level editor to allow you to create your own levels to share with others
  • Get access to all future versions of Brainroll

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